TO EHFCL Veszprem Kiel When the more focused one wins …

Fotot Veszprem

When Barça scored 46 goals in 2009 against Kolding in the Champions League, many wondered in which direction modern handball would go. For example, in 1962 Gеppingen defeated Partizan Bjelovar 13-11 in the final, 1976 Borac Banja Luka became European champion 17-15 against Danish Frederica. In the match between Veszprem and Kiel, we witnessed the realization of the plans and wishes of the IHF and EHF, a modern attractive sport, a sport that will attract more and more fans and of course increase the interest in Handball. A legitimate desire, given the popularity of football and basketball and thus the income they earn. A match unfortunately without too much fervor, the teams will meet in a few weeks in the semifinals of F4, but with the opportunity to see some of the top modern handball geniuses, part of the repertoire of young but extremely motivated and prepared tactically and technically, coaches. We saw a wonderful transition for Kiel with two pickers in the first phase of the counterattack, a demonstration of a highly trained trio of four and five in the defense of Veszprem who had blockades in statistics as a basketball team. Two virtuosos, ours in quotes, representatives of Balkan handball, Nenadic and Duvnjak, players who raise the level of imagination and lucidity in every match. Picker School demonstrated by Nielsen on one side and Vincek and Peckeler on the other. Two different concept teams but with the same attitude towards modern handball. Veszprem, a culinary specialty with spices from all parts of Europe and even a little desert Africa and a cold served German portion with Scandinavian base and Balkan flavorIn anticipation of the real showdown in Cologne

Best regards

Handball amateur Viktor Hristoski

02.12.2020 EHFCL Veszprem 41 Kiel 33

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